An error has occurred in the script on this page


Hello everyone - recent poster here, coming across an issue that just won’t go away.

Consistently, when starting Sketchup Pro 7.1 (Yes I know it is not a recent version), I am getting a Script Error:

I have followed all the most commonly referred to suggestions of checking both the ‘disable script debugging’ options under the Advanced tab for IE Tools (using IE 8 by the way), unmarking the ‘Display a notification about every script error’, adding Sketchup to trusted sites, adding it under Compatibility View Settings, updating Java, etc. I’ve done all of this but still the issue persists whether I am on a user or admin account.

Any suggestion would be VERY welcome to help me deal with this one. Thank you in advance.


When does this error message occur?


When Sketchup is launched.


Is it the welcome screen that appear - or is it some extension that pops up any windows?


The welcome screen pops up, with a regular window on top of it - pic above - displaying that error message.


Would like the e-mail above with my personal information (my mistake) to be removed, but it keeps popping up - could you assist with that also? :confused:


I removed the double post containing the email.
You can access tools to edit and delete your posts near the Reply Button:

As for your error message, I don’t have a solution, I’d have to defer to my colleagues to see if they can reproduce or have heard of it. It’s strange that you’d get that message even after disabling such messages under IE settings. Have you restarted your computer since then?


Thank you for removing the double post - I did try to remove it with the basket symbol but it kept popping back up.

And yes, I have restarted the PC multiple times (despair will do that) :wink:


IE is at 11 now, perhaps an update would fix this.