Sefaira Javascript Alert "Script Error"


Have been battling with a persistant issue for the past day. When attempting to show sefaira window in SU 2023, the loading wheel starts, hangs and then a pop up shows: “JavaScript Alert - Script error.” I’ve had a deep dive into the forum and have ran the reg fix, IT setup, uninstalling, logging on from Mac/Other PC and the issue still occurs. Wondering if it’s something server based.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


script error

Hi Joe,
Thanks for your question.
Have you logged a support ticket about this yet?
(Support - Technical Support | SketchUp Help)
best regards,

Thanks Andrew,

Lodged one prior to opening up the topic. Opening it up to the forum hoping to crowd-source a fix


Hi Joe,

Thanks for reporting this. I believe this is caused by problems that we had with an update today. We have now rolled back the update while we work on a fix: SketchUp Status - Some users unable to load Sefaira web application or plugin

Apologies for the inconvenience,