Forum Login and Signup issues, error messages

So we are experiencing some Login and Signup issues with an error message. We are in process of trying to fix it now.

Thanks! Let us know here if you are experiencing it. See below screen shots when I was able to replicate it:

If you have an account, don’t log out. If you are trying to sign up/login you will experience this error.

Works now! Thanks a lot.
Good to be back :slight_smile:

Hello everyone, it appears to be back online. I have been able to sign in and sign up. If you are still experiencing problems please respond in this thread OR if you can’t login/sign up to be able to “reply”, feel free to message us on Facebook!

Thank you.

Please bear in mind that one is not able to respond to any posts if the ability to login or to sign up is not available. The entire time the site was experiencing issues, we could not alert SketchUp Team members about the problem. Is there some way to maintain the signed in status continually until logging off (even if the browser is closed)?

Hello @jvleearchitects So I do not need to sign in every time I go to the Forum…do you find you need to? I have not needed to sign in for over a month, even when I shut down my computer and close my browser window. I think there may be settings that need to be adjusted. I use a Mac and browse this website using Chrome.

If this occurs again and you can’t login/sign up to be able to “reply”, feel free to message us on Facebook!


And we expect that enough of this respectful crew has our emails (did I mention respectful) that we’ll hear from all y’all.


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It seems that some people are still experiencing problems as I have received a few Facebook Messages. We are continuing to troubleshoot and look into it.

Thanks for your support and patience!

I’m unable to reproduce this issue and all things appear to have been resolved on the back end. If you’re having problems try holding down the CTRL key and clicking refresh for your browser to force a full refresh before trying to log in again.

Some people have also found this useful to correct the intermittent issues logging into the Forum:
If you are continuing to experience issues logging into the Forum, please perform the following steps:

Windows Users: Here are a few thoughts:
Clear IE cookies. Win users have a directory that holds one or two files you can delete.
It is here for 2015: C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2015\SketchUp
Delete cookiejar.xml and session.dat if you have one or both of them. Please let us know your results.

Mac Users: You “must” clear cookies in Safari, even if you have never used Safari. Safari is what SketchUp is using. Be sure to clearyour Safari cookies if you can’t login to the Forum or SketchUp through the SketchUp client. Also, test Safari. If you have trouble clearing User Data, just open a New Private Browsing window (in older Mac versions, it’s under the Safari menu; in newer versions, it’s under the File menu). That essentially clears things for that session. Caveat: Remember to turn Private Browsing off, too. Please let us know your results.

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We did find a new issue last night that we were able to repro. The sign is that you’ll get a window on that says only “The application has been authorized”. When you go back to where you were, you wont be signed in. If you do not get this window, use the steps above. If you get this window and have another Google account, try that. Sorry, we’re actively working on this.


When I logged on tonight, I did get the message saying “The application has been authorized” and found this to be untrue. I was able to log in by clicking the login button again and then immediately hovering over the pinned SU icon on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen (running Win7). The typical login animation did not appear, but my account window showed up with my avatar in place.

I don’t know about other Windows or Mac versions


An issue - starting the actual signup process. I click on the first step to introduce myself and I am then given the same intro page. I simply want to post a question as a new user:

I am currently using a trial version of Sketchup Pro. Is it possible to create a 2D image in Layout and import it into Sketchup to add 3dimensional elements?

I what to create a 3D sketch of a full size standing figure. But I don’t want it to be “in the round.” Imagine taking a shadow of a figure and lifting it up off the pavement and then giving it depth say, four inches thick.
I have a 2D sketch in Layout that was manipulated with paths and splines using the anchors to bend it into a smooth, continuous shape, but I haven’t found where I can import this to Sketchup. Or can I create this shape using tools like the path/spline functions in Sketchup?

Please follow this over to the linked topic I created. The discussion is off-topic for this one.

I see that this error has survived 8 years of “fixing that”. Thanks for charging money for this service.

I have never been asked to pay a penny for using the Forum.

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I think you were scammed, this is a free forum.