Recurring error message

Annoying sketchup message
I’m getting this recurring message every time I try and open a new SU file - I have to close SU down and re-start it. Any idea how to fix it?

it says “You can continue to use Sketchup but you will not be allowed to start a new file or open an existing file”. screenshot attached.

The message indicates you need to sign out of and sign back into SketchUp. It should only be required once every 28 days. If you are needing to do it every time you start SketchUp, it would imply a file permissions issue on your computer. For others who have reported that, it turned out to be due to incorrect installation. Try repairing the installation. Close both SketchUp and LayOut, find the downloaded installer or get it from Download All | SketchUp and right click on it. Choose Run as administrator and then the Repair option when it is presented. After that open SketchUp and sign in.

Presumably you aren’t still using SketchUp 2018 as indicated in your profile. Please correct it. That information helps us help you.

thanks very much for the quick reply.