SketchUp 8 PRO AND SketchUp Make 2015 on the same computer



Hello world,

I have a SKP8 PRO on my computer. I want to try SKetchUp 2015 with free trial on the same computer. So I want to keep my SK8 version up and running. Is there any compatibility issue ?

Thanks a lot if anyone has the answer !



You can run multiple versions of SketchUp on the same computer (they run out of completely separate folders). One thing to know is that the auto-open feature (which version will open an SKP file when you double click on it) will default to the newest version of SketchUp installed.

Also good to know, 2015 can save back to earlier versions, so you should be able to pass files between versions if necessary.


Just to say thanks a lot a lot a lot for the precise, quick and clear answer.


One other thing you should know about using SketchUp 2015 relates to plugins/extensions. If you have any installed for SU8, do not copy them to SU2015. Install fresh copies of them and save yourself problems.


Also, on Windows, several people have pointed out that the most-recently-run version of SketchUp “steals” the registry flag that determines what version will launch if you double-click on a file.