Is it allowed to use the old SU version after upgrade?



I would like to upgrade my SketchUp 8 Pro to the newest version, but I would like to keep the former one installed because of an extension that will not work with SU 2015. Is it legal to have both the old and the new versions installed on one computer? Will it work? I will be very grateful for any information.


Hello formiko,

Upgrading to 2015 does not affect your existing Pro 8 license. Continue using Pro 8 as you wish.
Different whole version numbers of SketchUp will coexist on your system without conflict.

Upgrade, Maintenance, and Support Program Details — SketchUp Help Article


What is the extension you are worried about?
There may be a newer version or better option available.


Thank you for the answers.

As for the problematic extension, I have V-Ray 1.49 which, as far as I know, does not work with recent SketchUp versions. So for now, I will keep using SU 8 for V-Ray projects (until I upgrade V-Ray) and SU 2015 for everything else.