Can extensions used in SU8 be moved to SU15?



Finally updated from SketchUp8 Pro to 15. Can I redirect the plugins and extensions used in SketchUp8 to SketchUp15?
Also, should I delete the contents of the SketchUp8 folder when I get everything working correctly?


just leave SUv8 as it is, but download all the newer version of any plugins for v15…

there have been a lot of changes to SU, and most plugins will fail, unless updated…

you can run both v8 & v15 without conflict…


(a) No. Install updated versions from the Extension Warehouse, or the SketchUcation Plugin Store, or the plugin company’s website. (SketchUp since v2014 uses Ruby 2.0, and many extensions need to be updated because of changes in Ruby syntax.)

(b) SketchUp 8 and SketchUp 2015 can co-exist on the same machine. You can back-save models to older versions in SketchUp 2015, if needed.

  • One caveat. Whenever you run sketchup.exe, it will set the SKP file double-click handler to itself. So, try to use the right-click “Open with” choices from the popupmenu instead of just double-clicking a SKP file. (Or at least be aware that the shell open command exe target will change if you open SketchUp 8. The next time you then double-click a SKP file, it will attempt to open in v8, and if it is a v15 file, it will not open. You’ll then need to do the right-click-open-with protocol.)


Thank you both for your helpful replies.