Install SU 2015 Pro, should I remove su 2014?

I installed the update from su 2014 to su 2015, both in pro version. Unless I go to the Sketchup program file 2015 directly, the system will open the 2014 version. Should I uninstall the 2014 version ? best method of doing so ?

I have the same question, I am using SU8 and I now have SU 15 and unless I go into SU 15 I am still using the 8 version.

Different number-versions of SketchUp can coexist on your computer.
To ensure you open a SKP file in the appropriate version launch that version first [say from its quickstart or desktop shortcut], then open the SKP from within SketchUp itself.
If you work in v2015 and want to use the file in an earlier version remember you should not ‘save’ it, but use ‘save_as’ and select the appropriate earlier version…
If you have several versions of SketchUp installed then double-clicking a SKP file will open it in the last used version of SketchUp - so a v2015 SKP could try to not open in v2014 [and fail], unless you did a ‘save_as’ to v2014 on it when you were in v2015…