SketchUp 8 plugins missing for SketchUp 2015


Feeling very frustrated.
I’m trying out SketchUp 2015 Make.
I have lots of plugins that I rely on with SketchUp 8 Pro.
Seems like many of them don’t work. The first 3 I tried didn’t work:
Layer Manager, by D. Bur
Add Hidden Layer: very handy when you have a lot of views and add a layer and don’t want it showing in all views.
Tangent Tools, with accurate intersection (gives an accurate intersection of 2 circles, not the approximation of a 24 sided polygon)

Anyone got any solutions?


go to the SketchUcation Plugin Store and download version updated for v2015…

many v8 plugins will not work, they use a different version of Ruby…



I suspect you simply copied the plugin files from SU 8 to SU 2015 instead of downloading and installing fresh copies? SketchUp moved up from Ruby 1.8 to Ruby 2.0 as of SketchUp 2014. This causes many old plugins to fail until they are revised by their authors. I know most of the ones you list have been updated because I use them in SU 2015 without problems.


Thanks for the reply.

I wasn’t 100% accurate in what I wrote.

· I downloaded Layer Manager from Extension Warehouse, which said it wasn’t validated for 2015. The toolbars seem to be there but the menu selection (e.g. Tools>Layer Manager>All Layers Invisible) isn’t there.

· Add Hidden Layer I couldn’t find on Extension Warehouse. I used a procedure someone described for loading it. It shows in the menu but doesn’t work. However, Layer Manager has that function, but I find the tool bar difficult to use (can’t find things easily) and fills up space.

· Tangent Tools I couldn’t find on Extension Warehouse.

I’ll try SketchUcation and see if I can find them there (that’s where a lot of them came from originally).




SketchUp 2014 - Release Notes said:

Ruby API

  • We upgraded the Ruby API runtime to Ruby 2.0 with full Standard Library, giving Developers a better platform for creating new SketchUp tools and one that offers improved support for non-English characters, section planes, text and dimensions and more.
    If you use Ruby plugins, be sure to read this article which explains how to migrate your plugins to SketchUp 2014. If you don’t follow these instructions, some of your plugins may not work!


P.S.: I would recommend catching up on the release notes for all the releases, major and minor, between your last version and the latest.


Plugins are housed at many different locations.

Try installing Add Layer, Layer Manager


Thank you. The SketchUp Sage link is very helpful.

The version of Layer Manager that I have on Sketchup 8 shows a menu of choices, e.g. Tools>Layer Manager>All Layers Visible.

The version I downloaded from Extension Warehouse only has a tool bar, which is hard to understand (i.e. have to hover over more than 25 icons to find the one I want). Do you have any idea why that might be? And if I can use the older (I assume) version I have on SketchUp 8?


You cannot use Layer Manager from the extension warehouse. It is not compatible with SU15 (glance over at the right sidebar on its Warehouse page.) Get it from SketchUcation. TIG updated it there.

As Dan explained, There was a notable Ruby update, going from 1.8 to 2.0, back with SU14. Many old plugins had to be updated to work. A lot of things change with each SU version that can affect plugins. The upgrade to Ruby 2.0 was big.


Thanks again. (BTW Layer Manager is from Didier Bur). The updated version works beautifully.

Do you have any suggestions for importing KML or KMZ files? I had KML_Tools which did this but doesn’t work in SketchUp 8 and File>Import>KMZ failed on my KMZ file.


I know Layer Manager is from Didier, but it looks like TIG updated several of his plugins to 2014/2015 compatibilty.

The same compatibility issue is occurring with KML_Tools. Keep an older version of SU installed to run older plugins then save a skp to open in SU15 until the plugin is updated. KML_Tools is also found at SketchUcation.


He was given permission.


Yes, I’ll keep SketchUp 8 and use KML_Tools there, save and open in 2015. (I misstated that it didn’t work in SketchUp 8. I meant is doesn’t work in SketchUp 2015. It does work in 8.