SketchUp 3d Summit - Denver, CO. Jun 17 – 19, 2024

Oh wow that sounds like a really cool concept. I think I’ll try to go to one if not both. I’ll be sure to find you!

I hope to see you at both!

You have to be there to find out what Mike has on each of us…LOL!

No seriously, I am excited about this event. I’m honored to be included with this group! It will be a great time with plenty to learn.


Awesome - didn’t see that you’ve been added - excited that you’re gonna be there! :slight_smile:


Justin, it will be great to catch up at this smaller venue. Looking forward to learning from you again!


Hey, Aaron, better known as ‘The SketchUp Guy’, has just been added to the gang. It seems like Mike thought it was a good idea to get some work out of Aaron since he’s local and is highly likely to crash the party anyway. :rofl:

Don’t miss out on the SketchUp 3D Summit, or you’ll regret it when you hear the rumors of what happened while you’re at SketchUp Base Camp later this year.

Let’s help Mike fill this event! nearly anyone would benefit from learning a few things from this legionary lineup! Copy the SU 3D Summit website link and pass it out!

@JustinTSE, @Sonder, @TheOnlyAaron, @Daniel_Tal, @jgbrock1, @mattw, @mikebrightman


Just got approval and put in my request! I hope to see you all there!


Veteran move from @mikebrightman - @TheOnlyAaron would have snuck in anyway - now he can be there without a fake mustache and glasses.

Welcome to the group Aaron!

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While I understand what this ‘summit’ is about I still feel this is over the top spam advertising.

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I’m not sure how it’s spam. It’s just like any other post. You have to intentionally follow or open the post to see anything about it and it’s under “Happenings”. This qualifies for a “Happening”.

I don’t know, just feels like a promotion of something rather than a relevant question for a forum etc. Yes it is within a thread that is already a promotion for something so it must be OK.
Not my software or forum so I’m probably talking gibberish.

I understand your concerns, but I politely disagree. The post is promoting a training event organized by industry professionals who are funding it themselves. These individuals are spending a considerable amount of money for the venue, travel, and their time to offer this event. None of them need to put on this event to pay their bills. While some of us have been using SketchUp for over a decade and may not be interested in this training, many people in the forums who use SketchUp in their business would benefit from attending an in-person, hands-on training like this. Personally, I remember attending my first SketchUp Basecamp in 2014, and it was a fantastic experience to meet everyone, attend seminars, and learn from the pros. This event is on a smaller scale, with around 20-25 seats, which means that people will be able to ask questions and get personal answers. Even though I’m doing things with SketchUp that nobody else is doing in my market, I’m still always learning. I’m looking forward to attending because I want to support the people promoting the professional use of SU, network, and learn to be more efficient and service more clients.

I’m not sure how this post would be any different than a post about Basecamp.

Where else would you talk about a SketchUp Summit, gathering, or anything else occurring in the SketchUp world than a SketchUp forum?

It seems to fit squarely within the description of the “Happenings” portion of the forum - About the Happenings category


I know what you mean, but we’re used to seeing people announce their (third party) plugins on the forum, just not third party events so much, so why not?