Denver area meetup

It’s been a long time since there has been a meetup for the Denver area SketchUp users. I recently took over that group, and we are planning an online meetup in three days.

I’m hoping to have in person meetups again someday soon, but in the meantime we will hold an online meeting. With those, there’s no particular reason for you to be in the Denver area.

If you would like to drop by, here is the meetup link:

Amazingly, so far only three people are due to attend the meeting. At least I won’t be nervous showing things to a large crowd.

This is the link to the Google Meet room:

Denver area SketchUp Meetup link

Meeting starts at 7pm, Mountain Time (6pm Pacific Time, 9pm Eastern Time), Wednesday Feb 9th.

@colin new to the Forum and saw this a little late. Where are you in CO?

In the end, nobody showed up!

I’m in Boulder.

Ah that sucks that no one showed up. I’m in Elizabeth so a little drive from here.

@colin do you guys have a SketchUp office in Boulder?

From when the company was started, until Covid work from home, the SketchUp office was in Boulder. When we do go to the office now it’s the Trimble office in Westminster.

It was online, no driving needed!

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Cool. I haven’t worked with Sketchup too much. Just have done a few things with it. Designed my back porch to try and help the builder know what we wanted. I started out with 3D designing years ago when Blender first came out when I was still in the military and then started using 3D Studio Max. Got a cert in 3DS. All as a hobby and self taught. Then went back to Blender. All as a hobby but would love to someday find out how to get a job doing 3D modeling.