First Ever SketchUp Developer MeetUp

Hello SketchUp Developers

We have missed you! We have missed seeing you at our DevCamps, Basecamps and other in person meetings we’ve had over the years. While we are still unable to meet in person, let’s try to rekindle some of that magic with our first ever SketchUp Developer MeetUp.

What: We’ll host an online MeetUp style meeting where we can all meet together virtually. We have a presentation we’d like to present to the group that discusses the UI and UX Guidelines we’ve been publishing. Afterwards, we’ll hang out and chat in the conference call.

When: 2021-09-01T14:00:00Z. We expect the MeetUp to last about an hour. (Click here to see the time in your local time zone.)

Where: Wherever you are. We will host this as a virtual MeetUp over Google Hangouts.

Who: Our presentation will be geared towards SketchUp Extension Developers. Some of the content might be somewhat technical in nature so we are recommending that attendees should be familiar with our Ruby API, or have interest in becoming familiar with them.

Why: Because we miss being connected with our amazing community of developers!

Please RSVP at the link provided below. We will send out a link to the MeetUp only to the people that RSVP ahead of time. We will be letting people into the meeting 10 minutes before our planned start time.

RSVP HERE (It’s a simple Google Form)


We are excited to try this out and see how it goes with the hopes of being able to continue to do these a bit more regularly moving forwards.


Chris, Tim, Thom, Hilliard, Vikas, Christina - The SketchUp Extensibility Team




Can the programming challenged/clueless join in like flies on the wall?


I suppose I will also hang on the wall until someone starts spraying chemicals at me. :laughing:


Yes, of course you guys are welcome to join in :+1: :slight_smile:

can you add a calender widget thing to prevent time zone calculation issues?

In the announcement there is a link to a zone calculator that works well. But it is not embeddable. Do you know of one that can be embedded here?

This one used by Aaron for his announcements should do it…

Here’s one in action

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So easy even a non-dev can use it!!


Ooouu, neat!



I am excited about this meet-up for developers to learn some UI & UX guidelines. I am currently using Webflow for helping me style the HTML web dialog.

Here is a WIP of an extension UI for SketchUp using Webflow…


I have no desire to install Google Hangouts on my machine.
Please record the presentation so it can be viewed afterward.



Did I miss an email or message? I don’t know how to join this session tomorrow!

This is great, looking forward to catching up soon!

@DanRathbun you don’t need to install anything to use Google Meet if you already use Chrome or Firefox, and I guess also Safari and Edge should work just fine… Or am I wrong @ChrisFullmer?

The email said Hangouts which is being replaced (this year) by Google Meet and Google Chat.

I think they are all Chrome extensions. I had misread the Wikipedia blurb. It was speaking of Android mobile apps users need to install on their phones.

But I use Gmail and they are built in anyway.

From what I read Hangouts is limited to 25 users. I’ll just wait for the video.

That’s interesting, I’ve not heard of webflow before. Might have to call upon you some time for a show-and-tell!

We’ve switched to Google Meet and Google Chat. “Hangout” was mentioned probably out of old habit.

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It would be still good to record, because it would be nice to see someone who can’t be there at that time … like me.

I did not receive an email with details either…

@tt_su @ChrisFullmer

EDIT: Got one just at the moment of writing :slight_smile:

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Email just went out a few moments ago. Refresh :wink:


Please don’t attempt to join until closer to the start time.