Second Ever SketchUp Developer MeetUp! (October 2021)

Hello SketchUp Developers

MeetUp #1 was a Success! Let’s do it again with our second ever SketchUp Developer MeetUp on 2021-10-06T14:00:00Z

October Presentation ThomThom will be presenting information regarding work we’ve been doing to make the Ruby API faster when creating large amounts of geometry.

Good News! We will plan on hosting these virtual MeetUps the first wednesday of every month.

Please RSVP at the link provided below. We will send out a link to the MeetUp only to the people that RSVP ahead of time. We will be letting people into the meeting 10 minutes before our planned start time. If you have RSVP’d to a previous MeetUp, you do not need to sign up again.

RSVP HERE (It’s a simple Google Form)
Additional Information:

What: We’ll host an online MeetUp style meeting where we can all meet together virtually. We have a presentation we’d like to present to the group. Afterwards, we’ll hang out and chat in the conference call.

When: 2021-10-06T14:00:00Z. We expect the MeetUp to last about an hour.

Where: Wherever you are. We will host this as a virtual MeetUp over Google Hangouts.

Who should attend: Our presentation will be geared towards SketchUp Extension Developers. Some of the content might be somewhat technical in nature so we are recommending that attendees should be familiar with our Ruby API, SDKs, or have interest in becoming familiar with them.

Why: Because we love being connected with our amazing community of developers!


Chris, Tim, Thom, Hilliard, Vikas, Christina - The SketchUp Extensibility Team


Hello guys, getting ready for it already :grinning:

Really well done on this performance update!

Btw it`s the perfect topic for me atm!
Take a look on my most recent extension update:
Follow, Rotate and Scale (based on Wikiis one)

Its already hitting 25k faces/second (in some cases)
Can`t wait to know how to apply the new feature

cya :v:

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Hey @ChrisFullmer, did you send out the survey that you mentioned, about topics for future meetings?
Maybe we can just do it here…
Topics I would be particularly interested in, mostly related to all the really useful looking tools at

  • How to set-up and use Rubocop (especially on Mac)
  • How to do good benchmarking (SpeedUp?), use the debugger, find processing bottlenecks and generally optimise performance
  • How to get started with the C/C++ SDKs