Sketchup 2024 Unable to install my extension

Good morning,

Even if I’m not very present, I work in the shadows on many extension projects for Sketchup.

I took a break to test SketchUp 2024 to see if everything played well with my existing extensions.
Unfortunately there is an error with Click-Change 2.

If I try to install my extension from SketchUp 2024, the procedure completes without anything happening.
The only solution for users is to go through their internet browser, which is a real problem.

Where and who can I contact to resolve this issue?

If someone could test to see if they are in the same situation with Click-Change 2, that would be really nice?

Thank you in advance for your help.

I don’t know. Installed it from the EW (took a while to download and another while to install), and it appears to work fine.

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I tried it on Mac and Windows versions of SU 2024 and it appeared to install fine.

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Thank you for your testing.

Did you install it from the Sketchup 2024 interface or from your Internet browser?

Because the problem only exists since SketchUp 2024 for the first installation.
If you download from an internet browser just once, the installation bug from Sketchup 2024 disappears.

This is a strange situation that blocks installation until the user remembers to use their internet browser.

same, it gave me the beachball for 40-50sec but then the toolbar appeared top left of the screen.

from inside sketchup.
and while I’m pretty sure I’ve installed it in class, it was on the other computer in 2023. so this is a 100% clean install on this 24 mac.

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I also installed using EW from within SketchUp.

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Inside using EW embedded browser.

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Thank you all for your help. :wink: