SketchUp 2023 update

Yes napperkt,
I’m absolutely sure that Trimble will pull out all the stops and focus ALL their capacities and resources in 24/7 shifts to fix … LayOut!
Totally sure of it, without a doubt, can’t wait, I’m here holding my breath! Yep.


Be careful, wouldn’t want you turning blue now :wink:


I wish Sketchup’s development team would all together get rid of Layout and incorporate some of Layout’s key features within Sketchup itself like for instance scaling hatching and robust annotation and scrapbook objects

I support the continued development and improvement of LayOut. I am one of many who use the program extensively in the creation of professional documents.

I also support continued improvements in SU such as Material fills for Sections, thereby allowing hatching and other patterns.


Must be time for a release…always seems a bit unfair to be moved onto a subscription and then not get updates. Vectorworks, Blender, C4D Etc… constantly evolve and release service packs regularly. I was hoping that the subscription model would bring us swifter and clearer upgrades. I love Sketchup and will continue using it, I’m even happy to pay more (!) but I would like the program to progress. Anyway, by the time I hit the send button 2023 may have come out, you never know :grinning:


They dance to the beat of their own drums!

Slight tangent to topic:
My license is up to date but my SU still reads 2022.
Is SU23 up and running, or not released yet, or …?
(apologies ahead - I’m a long term terminal newbie.)

Not released yet. No date given.

Yeah, just returned from SU site and 2022 is still only available download.
Just needed to be reassured by some one who knows

Does anyone have any info on the 2024 ?


Yes, 2024 comes after 2023. Why such impatience?


Yes, but 2023 doesn’t even come :grinning:

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Come on. There are still 11 month to go. We will get there eventually. AND it is taking a bit longer this year because of the AWESOME speed- & functionality improvements in Layout, so be patient.


I really hope you’re right, LayOut needed to have a performance boost for a while, sketchup also need it but layout is more urgent.

I was trying to articulate my answer for this topic but I found your clear and very instructional answer that explains everything properly.

I would suggest to add to your guide the possibility of creating separate folders for each level or system of the 3D model for example (Structure, Architecture, interior design and MEP). This way you can add a level of control and security to each reference in Trimble Connect with the folder permission feature.

Yes, we have been so patient, haven’t we!
If waiting for LayOut improvements, I suspect a lot more of this same patience will be needed.


:smiley: dreams are made of this…


Can’t wait for new icons redesign

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What day is Valentine’s day?
Expect some nice roses for your patience. We are all in the same boat.