Sketchup 2023 update problem

Sketchup 2023 was running fine until the last update. Now I can only get to the Home screen to select a drawing after that it just kicks me back to the Windows Screen. Tried several time to delete and repair with no results. Turned off firewalls and updated Video drivers but not help. Sketchup 2022 stills works but just not 2023. Contacted Support no response.

When you installed the update did you right click on the installer and choose Run as Administrator? If not, do so and then choose Repair.

It’s a long holiday weekend for Customer Support. They should be back in the office on Monday.

Please fix your forum profile. The Operating system is Windows 11 not the graphics card. What graphics card does your computer have?

Updated my Profile. Using Win 11 with 1080 TI card. Tried several times deleting and installing from the Sketchup site as Administrator and repairing. I’ve spent days doing this and trying every possible thing out. I use AVG software for protection but not seeing anything where 2023 version is quarantined.

It is a holiday weekend in the U.S.

Still trying to find a solution. Any other things I can try out. The 2023 version has my configurations that I need to do my job

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