2023 upgrade

Hi all I am anxiously awaiting updates / fixes to the 2023 release. I know based on my experience and on the feedback of others that you at SketchUp must be inundated with complaints and requests for help. So you are probably aware of this as well… I have looked at the help menu-check for upgrade option and get the following message whether I am at the office or home studio. both places have good internet connections… “There was a problem checking for updates. Check your internet connection and try again” (also same message yesterday at now 24 hours later)

There isn’t any updates yet at this point anyway so nothing to worry about…

I see the problem as well, and it happens for any version of SketchUp. I logged a bug report, hopefully it will be fixed before you need to use it. Worse case, when there is an update this page will have the updates:

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