Sketchup 2023 crashing on Macbook pro 2023

Hi there,
Sketchup pro 2023 has been crashing repeatedly on my new computer. I’ve never experienced this issue before replacing my computer and upgrading to sketchup pro 2023. I’m wondering what steps I have to take to find the root of the issue. Any assistance would be much appreciated!

Do you have plug-ins installed?

Yes I’m running Plusspec v23.1.0. Could be the issue but worth noting I’ve used this plugin for a few years without issues. Thanks for the help

Your past experience doesn’t assure success given that a new Mac and macOS change the platform dramatically. Try contacting the plus spec author to see if there are other reports of problems or a newer version.

Is that the only plugin you are using? Some plug-ins are not compatible with the latest Mac machines, a lot have been updated but there are still some of them that cause crashings, this happened to me with clothworks a while ago, I had crashes every 5 mins, I uninstalled and the problem was fixed, first check if there are updates for all the plug-in you use, if the problem persists, uninstall your plug-ins and check which one is the guilty.
By the way clothworks has been updated and works perfectly on M series macs now, just in case someone reading this wanted to install this plugin.