SketchUp 2022 will not open skp file

I cannot seem to open this skp file in SketchUp that I am downloading from github - it gives the error: “File Not Found or Invalid”.
This is the file: Bpod/Mousepoke.skp at master · sanworks/Bpod · GitHub

Your help would be much appreciated!!

Share the .skp file via DropBox or Google Drive.

What version of SketchUp are you actually using? Your forum profile says SketchUp Make (desktop) 2022 which is impossible because there is no such version.


Apologies, it’s SketchUp Pro (desktop)

Please correct your forum profile.

Already done

Thank you. That information helps us help you.

Hopefully @colin will have some success in recovering something of your file. In the meantime is there a .skb version of the file? Can you open that?

No .skb file I can find on github, this is the CAD file of a part built by a company that I am trying to import into SketchUp

So someone else created the SketchUp file or did they have a different file type?

What is the company? Do they have a website where the offer other 3D model files of the product?

They created the SketchUp file, they provide only .skp files for all their products. Company is Sanworks and they offer no other 3D model files that I can see, only a link to their github with .skp files for each product

I dug around. They do have a bunch of .skp files as well as .stl files but even the .stl files seem to be corrupted.

Thank you. Hmm, I also tried to open other stp files they provide and these also seem to be corrupted too

I learned something about GitHub today. The file you gave us is HTML, with the binary SKP embedded in it. To get the real file, go here:

Right-click on the Raw button, and choose Download Linked File, or Save Link as. That will give you the working SKP.

Interesting. I learned something, too. I guess I’ve never had a SketchUp file shared via GitHub before.

@isobelp6 if you plan to 3D print this thing you’ll need to do a little fixup.

Hi both, thank you very much! I also did not know this about GitHub