Sketchup 2022 and 2023 won't open

Hello everyone,

I am writing from Belgium.

For the past two days, I have noticed that it is impossible to open a warehouse file in versions 2022 or 2023 of Sketchup. Sketchup claims that I am offline and tells me that I must log in. I did some research on this subject before asking the question on this forum.

I am advised to empty the caches, etc., to “deauthorize” via the Sketchup management portal and if that does not work (and it doesn’t) to delete a “login_session.dat” file. I will spare you the details of these procedures that you are certainly familiar with.

In short, all this has no effect. I am still unable to reconnect as Sketchup asks. More surprising: when I want to open a file on version 2022, the trimble connection window is visible for a second, and right after, the image below appears and I go around in circles!

please help me, if possible (I think I read that this bug was known?)

I think this calls for a special trip to Belgium by our engineering team in December for cyclocross season and I volunteer.
Seriously, confirm in Chrome (we’re using Chromium in-app) that you can reach I suspect you can’t, if clearing web cache has not worked. Then check the network routing on your machine: if you have the rights to, change it to the results of a Google search for “setup Google DNS on Windows”. If you don’t have rights, talk to your admin or ISP.


Thanks Barry,
I do have admin rights, but that doesn’t mean I can handle the matter nor just understand what I’m doing! :smiley:
I’ll have a serious look at this though.

Yes, I can open the 3dwarehouse in Chrome!

Sketchup pings Bing to see if it’s online.

could there be anything in your connexion blocking bing ?

you can check the preference file and change the url to another website that works.


I’ve just tried that and complete the “preference section” as explain. Restarted the computer. Not working.

Sketchup 2019 works fine. The 2022 and 2023 versions don’t.

My Trimble account is activated, my Sketchup pro subscription has been renewed until April 2025. As well as my Sketchup Go account.
As I said, every time I want to open a model in versions 2022 or 2023, for a very brief moment (too brief to be able to “take advantage of it”), the login window to my account is visible, and immediately after, the “offline” window is displayed.

It is very annoying!

I didn’t fiddle yet with the DNS…