SketchUp 2021 Thumbnails Don't Display

Hi Uwe, I have good news for you… I’m so happy!
2 hours (!!!) spent with the Regedit, looking for “skp” … and many many others things under that 3 letters. I should have started with “.skp” or “sketchup” … that I did after.
I deleted about 80 entries … 2 of them were refused (even trying to change the rights… no way)
Then I rebooted,
and I reinstalled the last Sketchup 2021, in admin mode.
Everything came back !!!

I’m so happy, it will save me lot of time.
So again, thanks for your support and all your knowledge (maybe intuition !).

There currently exist two forum threads started by the same user on the same day about the same issue.

In the other thread, I provide a solution to the missing thumbnail issue.

it would be better if the car manufacturer sells their car in good running condition rather than the buyer having to take the engine apart to find the fault and especially if he has increased the price by 100%

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I went to the wine store to buy a bottle of my favourite ripasso. Only one was left on the shelf. It had a scratch on its label. I still bought it and they charged me the same as for an unscratched one. It tasted the same. I did not file a complaint.

We seem to have a different view of what constitutes a fundamental fault. If missing Explorer thumbnails make SketchUp totally unusable for you, I can only say that you must follow your own judgement.

My irony doesn’t touch your sense of humor.
The absence of thumbnails is obviously not fundamental, I continue to adore Sketchup since Last software, peace to their soul.
What can annoy me a bit is the lack of a clear answer to a small problem, an answer like “this will be solved in a next update” for example rather than dismantling everything to try to solve this problem no fundamental as you say.

I uninstalled 2020 then 2021. Restarted windows then installed SketchUp 2021 only as admin. Now the thumbnails are working. As 2020 was already installed it must have been getting in the way.

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Alot of faff to get thumbnails working again … Just visited this page to see how it might be resolved because thumbnails are a pretty important way of navigating assets I store locally. Great that people are willing to go to such lengths to figure out the problem with all the installs and uninstalls etc (I always run as admin upon installation, but do have older versions still installed) … However, Trimble could really do with providing a hotfix / patch for this… Uninstalling then reinstalling SU means mucking about with all the icons and spending LOTS of time installing plugins … not got time for that, so I’ll have to cope with loading in models blind and relying on my file naming.