Sketchup 2021 slow

before with Sketchup 2021 I could launch a rendering and at the same time work on another program like photoshop for example. But recently I can’t do it anymore. it’s much slower. I think it’s due to windows updates but I’m not sure. Have you had the same problem? thank you.

Certainly SketchUp 2021 hasn’t changed recently so it must be something else. Could be a Windows update has changed something. Have you checked with Nvidia to get their latest graphics drivers? Are you sure the Nvidia GPU is being used to display SketchUp?

thank you for your reply. I have installed the latest version of the graphics drivers. On the other hand, I don’t know if the nvidia GPU is used to display Sketchup? how do we check? then I would check with the design office. thanks

Right click in a blank area on the desktop and open the Nvidia control panel. Look for Manage 3D Settings and Program Settings.

thank you and what is the exact parameter to check? because there is a list. Thank you for your help.

Make sure that SketchUp is listed in the Programs dropdown list.

ok i will check

SketchUp is listed in the Programs dropdown list.;

To see which graphics card SketchUp is currently using:
Window menu>Preferences>OpenGL>Graphics card details

hello, ok i will check.

which is very surprising is that I have the same problem with 3DS max. I think it’s from a windows update but I’m not sure yet.