Sketchup Pro 2018 Slowest booting with constant blackouts


12 year veteran of Sketchup here. In the last 6 months, I upgraded to a gaming laptop for faster operation. Very slow to boot and screen is constantly whiting or blacking out, which seems to coincide with the autosave cycle. Seeing the (program not responding) message dozens of times a day as I work now.

In short, I’ve spent more money and time than ever before to optimize my workflow, but the end result is the slowest booting, worst crashing version of Sketchup. NEVER had these problems previously. Is it all Windows 10 related?

In searching for similar threads, not seeing much current discussion, so I’m lost for a solution. Have tried some suggestions regarding OpenGL settings, such as fast feedback/ unchecked maximum texture size. Just cannot pull it out of this funk.

Am I alone in this?


What are the detailed specs of your laptop and monitor setup?


Is SketchUp actually using your Geforce GTX card? If your Window menu>Preferences>OpenGL shows that it is using an Intel integrated chip, you must change the 3D application settings in the Nvidia control panel to force SketchUp to use the Nvidia (the “OpenGL rendering GPU” setting). Also make sure that your Nvidia driver is up to date (I just got a new work computer, and the Nvidia driver it shipped with was more than a year old).


HP Omen Corei7 processor 2.8 GHz
500gig SSD drive, 1T Disc drive
1920x1080 screen resolution, integral 4k display


Confirmed, Geforce GTX has always been set as graphics card, as shown in the OpenGL Settings.
Just performed another driver update attempt, and have again received message that driver is current and up to date.


Windows does not always provide the latest drivers. Go to the Nvidia site and get the latest drivers for your GTX


Well, can’t hurt, as I see the latest version for the 1050Ti was updated Oct 10, 2018.
520MB file:astonished:, so it will be an hour or better before it can be installed.
Sure glad I’m on a hard line here…


Installed updated graphics driver from Nvidia. Sketchup is repeatedly opening almost instantaneously now, and in the couple hours I’ve used it so far, no blackouts / whiteouts.
Of note: Sketchup support team was contacted as well. They had me download a program this morning called “Checkup”, which scans computer for compatibility with Sketchup 2018. Ran this after updating driver last night, and it claims my computer is 100% compatible. Not certain whether this app would have detected a dated driver for graphics card, but nice to have verification of some sort.

Big thanks to all for suggestions, especially pushing me to dig further on the driver updates, as I never would have guessed this was the issue, nor realized Win10 was not 100% correct in it’s assertion that I was using the very latest drivers.

Hope others reading this will find these results help them eliminate similar issues all the quicker…

Cautiously optimistic that all is good now. Any further issues will likely reveal themselves in the next 24-48hrs, and I’ll report back accordingly.

Thanks again,



If you install the Nvidia GeForce Experience software, it can be configured to download and install the latest driver updates.