Sketchup 2021 - "Save" and "Save As" Not Working On New Files

Just updated from SU2020 Pro to SU 2021 Pro. Upon update I was running Mac OS Catalina. Once updated to SU2021, had issue with Tags Name column not expanding when expanding the Tags dialog box. It was recommended to updated Mac OS to solve the problem. Updated to Mac OS Monterey which fixed the issue with Tags Name column.

Now there is an issue with saving. It seems that changes to my existing files will save but when starting a new file, clicking “Save” results in nothing happening. No “Save” dialog box appears so there is no way to save the new file. “Save As” and “Save a Copy” also doesn’t work. Clicking “Save As” on a component also doesn’t work.

All plugins are up-to-date. Tried disabling all plugs and this had no effect.

Tried to shut down Mac and starting from fresh power up and this had no effect.

Thanks for any help on this frustrating issue!

Disconnected external monitor?
Did you try the “Reset workspace” button in Preferences?

What happens when you draw something and then try to close the document. Does it prompt you to save then?

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As much as it pains me to say, it must have been the external monitor situation. After using this laptop and monitor setup for literally years I’ve never run into THIS issue. Guess it’s just too easy to blame it on SU, ha! Hopefully this “shortest thread ever” will help someone else in this situation. Thanks for the help @Anssi !!

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Had the same problem. And the same solution. Disconnect the external monitor. But why? It beats me. Never had this with Sketchup and this setup before…

If this was a Windows issue it would suggest that the save dialog is opening somewhere offscreen, by disconnecting the monitor you force it back to the laptop screen. There is a keyboard sequence for windows that allows you to grab offscreen dialogs and move them back.
As a totally non mac person, the last one I touched was at least 15 years ago and it was in German, I can’t suggest anything but you never know, certainly sounds the same.