The little things in SketchUp Make

I’m new to this forum but not new to SU. So I figured the best thing I can do to help the cause is just to post things that I have learned about SU that I wish I had known from the beginning. I’ll try to post a few things every week. Here’s the first.
On my MacBook Pro I noticed that when I am working on an already saved project and I want to save the updates I have to actually use the ‘SAVE AS’ option and not the ‘SAVE’ option. When I hit ‘SAVE’ it doesn’t update the current saved version but instead it saves it as a whole new file. You will see on you PC that your ‘save’ will look like this ‘Name~’ and every time you use the ‘SAVE’ option you will see it adds another ~ to the file name. One time I ended up with a file named ‘home~~~’.
So I suggest that when you go to save your work use the ‘SAVE AS’ option and save it at the same exact place where you have the original file saved.

Sounds like the SketchUcation “Doh!” book:

… which came from a “Doh!” thread of users posting their SketchUp epiphanies.

the ~ means it’s a ‘backup’ file on a mac, i.e. you have ‘Create backup’ checked in ‘Preferences’ >> ‘General’…

multiple tilde’s [~] means you opened a backup file and a new backup was created…

⌘S should always Save the current model with it’s original name, unless you have permission issues with it’s folder…