Sketchup 2021 pro file saved as 2023 pro file. Shows original file name in window's title bar not new one

I recently switched to SketchUp 2023 Pro from Pro 2021 (that I have still installed in my PC)
I just noticed that if I work on a file created in vs 2021, after either I Save as… or Save a copy As… with a new name, the new file won’t shows the correct new name in the Window Title bar but It still showing the name of the original file it was created in vs 2021 pro.
I.E. I open a file in SketchUp 2023 PRO created in sketchup 2021 PRO. after I save as… with a new name the name on the title bar won’t change, even though the new file is created correctly in the right folder. You can immagine the confusion that could create.

Am I the first having this issue?
Thank you.

There’s no real issue. Since SketchUp 2021 the file is the same. If you try to use File>Save as you’ll see that there is no option to save SketchUp files as specifically 2021 version.

FWIW, SketchUp 2021 will open SketchUp 2023 files with no problem.

Maybe I was not clear enough. I did save as (2023 version) and as it shows in the attached real example image, the new file is called Daniel Office VS1.3 FinalOK.skp but as you can see the SketchUp window title bar of that same file it shows that the file is called Daniel Office VS1.
Hope this time I was more clear.
I never mentioned I want to open a 2023 file with 2021 version.
I want to work with Sketchup 2023 starting from files I created with 2021 and when I save as with new name or I save a copy as with also a new name , I expect sketchup title bar shows the correct name of the file I’m working on .
This issue is not happening if I start from scratch a new file in sketchup 23. whenever I then save the new file with a new name the title bar shows the new correct name.

Thank you.

Yeah. There’s an issue right now with file names with a period in them. Hopefully it will be fixed but in general it’s best not to use periods in file names anyway.

let me try with _ and will report back

While you’re at it, complete your forum profile, too.

It works.
Thank you using (_) instead of the (.) do the trick for now.
Since I’m here and you are so fast and kind to answer.
My preference are set like this, but still when I I click to open a new file from the welcome screen I have to start browsing my hard drive from window Document folder.
Should not be the Models string customized preference indicate the folder to stat looking form models to open?

I will complete my profile.

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It should open the folder in that path. Maybe the period there is also a problem. You do seem to be fixated on periods in file and folder names. That isn’t really a good idea.

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I maybe fixated with the period, same as SketchUp it seems could not handle it.
No pun intended…
I don’t plan to change my habit because of that, especially because all other software I use won’t have any problem with it.
Thank you

It’s not a good method having a period in your name. Neither is FinalOk as you continue working on it…

I will test that to see if it is affected by the same issue with periods in file names.

I did that test, and didn’t see the problem you saw. Not sure what is different for you.

The issue with periods in the file name is already fixed in our internal builds. That fix should be in the next update we release, and hopefully it will help with your other issue.

Thank you . I will start to eliminate (.) from my nomenclature habit, and maybe change names from time to time if I have to re-open old files.

Not meaning to be rude, but using (.) in file names has been a no no for me at least as long as I can remember. Not completely because, but fairly uniformly when you add a . the next thing is the file extension.
Perhaps it has become less obvious since hiding the file extension has become more normal.

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