SketchUp 2021 Pro (Classic) Crashes when pressing 'Import' (Windows 10)

Hi there. Well the title says it all I feel. Simply that I can’t import groups or components from other models due to it crashing when I simply press the import option. I’ve reported the issue on bug-splat also. Can anyone help me please?
Albert Avenue Existing.skp (3.5 MB)

good, Colin can check the bugsplat report to see what exactly went wrong

Capture d’écran 2023-12-11 à 13.17.53

I opened it in SU23 and it told me you had a few errors fixed. might be it.
23.1 was updated with this in mind, SU will fix some issues rather than just not import.

Does this file work now ?

Albert Avenue Existing.skp (3.5 MB)


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