Sketchup 2021 launches multiple windows

When I launch Sketchup 2021, two windows open, the model window and all the toolbars and such, and a second, empty window.


Everything seems to work fine other than that. It happens on both my Windows machines.

Are you using windows or Mac OS? Your profile and post contradict.

Edit: never mind, I see an exe file in your pic so it’s windows, maybe change your profile. I know very little about windows, but as I understand it it’s important to install correctly by right clicking on the installer and choosing run as administrator. And that you can fix an installation by right clicking on the installer and choosing repair.

Do you see the pop up window on startup that lets you choose a template?

I’m going to guess you have V-ray or another render engine installed and active in your extensions. For some annoying reason they feel the need to show themselves in this way. You can tell windows to stack Icons so you only sort of see the second one behind the first.

As Box wrote, I see that, too, when Vray is loaded. I set up Vray to only load when I want it which avoids the problem most of the time.