Sketchup 2021 hangs when cancelling import

as the title says, there’s an issue when cancelling dwg import. That is 100% reproducable.

haven’t tried on windows 10 (I am aware that windows 7 is not considered as supported version anymore)
Can anyone try on it ?

At what point do you cancel?
I can go Import and select a file then cancel or import, both work without issue.

Hello Box,
When it’s already loading the file.
I have no problem cancelling before either.

I sometimes get plans drawn in cm, sometimes meters and forgot to change in the options before importing.
Because it’s a big file I wanted to cancel instead of having to wait till it finished importing.

I then tried with a blank new file with a lighter dwg and same thing happens.

Finally I tried the same in sketchup 2018 cancelling works, with a simple dialog saying that import failed

Ok, I tried with a larger file so I had time to hit stop, again, no problem, same simple dialog as you.

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Ok . I guess it is windows 7 related.
Sad because I have several softwares that won’t work under windows 10, reason why I stick to 7.

I’ll have to deal with it !

thank you for trying

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