Sketchup 2017 Pro crashing when importing DWG


Anyone have advice here?


More detail would help, such as:

  • Uploading the DWG file so others can look at it - if under 3MB, use the 7th icon from the left while you’re composing a reply in this forum:

    If the file is bigger than 3MB, upload it to Dropbox, Google Drive, or something similar - set the sharing to “anyone with a link can view” or it’s equivalent - or fully public - then include give us the link.
  • What extensions do you have installed?
  • Do you know what program produced the DWG? If so, what export options were used?


Was the original DWG created with a “vertical” version of AutoCad like AutoCad Architecture? The special objects created by these add-ons cannot be imported into SketchUp, and can also result in crashes.


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