SketchUP 2021 - File can't load (Unexpected file format.)

Hello there,

I was working on a project, however, at one point during the rendering via VRay, I could not access the computer, after which I unfortunately restarted it. After restarting and trying to open the SketchUP file I got the following message “Unexpected file format”.

I searched all over the forums and couldn’t find a solution, I saw that @colin managed to help, please it’s extremely important to me.

The file is at the following link:

Your file will open if you wait long enough. There are several million edges used by the bed linens and curtains. Once you have the file open you’ll want to just delete those items until the file size decreases into the useable range. The Model statistics window indicated that there are several thousand components in the model. You’ll want to purge the model and/or delete what you can of those components and then start to build the project up again with more sensible components and what-not.


Thank you so much, that true my SketchUP file is 1.1GB. I’ll try it out and give a feedback

I didn’t change any of the demanding components that sWilliams talked about, but I did resize the 300 textures that were huge, and purged the things that are not in use. I also turned off Profiles, to make it perform better.

This version is 300 MB, compared to your 1100 MB file.


I want to write a feedback related to my problem here as well. After several hours of waiting on the loading screen, I was still unable to enter the .skp file. However I want to thank @sWilliams or the recommendation, unfortunately it didn’t work for me. Also, I want to express my deep gratitude to @colin for being able to solve my problem.