SketchUp 2020 - Weird Orbiting?

Not sure exactly whats going on here, ever since upgrading to SketchUp 2020 I get a weird effect when orbiting. It happens randomly and I’m not sure what triggers it. I took a screen capture to show exactly what I’m seeing.

It’ll be orbiting, zooming and panning just fine, then randomly the orbit tool will do this weird zoom/orbit effect. It’s frustrating when you’re working in close for detail. Does anyone know what this function is, if and how I can disable it?

Do you mean the parts where you’re zooming in on lines with no faces? You’ll be zooming to infinity. You could put a temporary face under your drawing to stop this, to give the zoom something close to aim at.

Pay attention to what the mouse cursor is on when you zoom.

It depends on what the cursor is on when you click to orbit. In the bit where things go weird, the cursor was on empty space in the background so the center of orbiting is way out beyond the model geometry.

Ah yea, I see now. I know this occurs when zooming in but I’ve never noticed this in previous versions when orbiting.

There was a change to the Orbit behavior with SU2020.

hmm. I don’t like it haha

You’ll get used to it. To me it makes sense that the center of orbit is where the cursor is when you click. I find it very useful.

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Does make sense. But makes closing large site plans a pain

Maybe a different method for closing them?