Orbit Tool Issue

This appears to happen with the latest version of Sketchup (I am on a Sketchup 22 Studio subscription). Version 22.0.354 64-bit
The orbit tool changes from rotating around the center of the model, to orienting from a fixed position (like aiming a camera). I seem to have found that this happens as soon as I delete or hide in a layer the default 2D person that is shown in the model when first creating a new document.

Has anyone else encountered this? Is this a bug or a setting issue?
Video attached

Yes and I think neither of the two.
With a completely (seemingly) empty space SketchUp has nothing specific to orbit around. It seems to try to orbit around something at large distance. If you then zoom out a bit the ‘Orbit’ tool seems to focus on and around the origin again.
But when will this completely empty modeling space be of any use in reality?
I know, it’s a lame “explanation” of what is happening. Drawing a simple first edge brings back SketchUp’s normal orbit behavior.

Huh, I don’t see much difference between the two orbits, with or without the figure. To be clear, SketchUp does not orbit around center, it orbits around the geometry you click on to start the orbit. If you click on something in the foreground it orbits small, around that point. If you click on the horizon in the distance it orbits large.

And if there’s nothing to orbit around? Empty, nada! That’s the point. Then SketchUp seems to start with the horizon. Zoom out and it orbits around the origin again, as it seems.
But this is all a hypothetical situation. Who wants to model nothing with SketchUp around.

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I tested with 2017, and the behavior was the same. As Wo3Dan says, there is nothing specific to orbit around. I am curious what value is used when the scene is empty.

To see the problem, do New, delete the scale figure, Orbit, and try orbiting around the origin. I acts more like the look around tool.

To solve the problem, do a zoom extents. Then it will know to orbit around the origin.

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Thanks everyone… I guess I just never noticed that’s how Orbit acted when there is nothing in the model. As long as I’m not going crazy! I appreciate your help.