Sketchup 2020 Vray Next crash

Hi. For all the Vray Skecthup users. When I use interactive render and edit materials in Vray Next my sketchup crash(or does not respond) sometimes/most of the times. What is the cause of this. Software or hardware? The file is not very big 35Mb. I have a i7 7700 Intel 4 cores 3.60 GHz and a Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti with 32 GB ram. Would love to work in interactive mode but most of the time need to edit render and stop, edit render and stop. Rather working straight in interactive mode. Has someone experienced this before. And has anybody resolved this, is this a common bug? Thank you.

It’s likely a bug. Have you updated to the latest version?

When this happens to me I pause the interactive render, make changes, then re-start interactive. Annoying I know but better than re-starting the program and/or losing edits. Chaos Group may have some more information.

screen shot throw off problems

Thank you Eric. Just a question with regards to RAM and CPU. Does Sketchup cap the amount of RAM it can use or if you add more RAM to PC will it utilize more. Also does Sketchup support multi thread enable?


I’m on an iMac Pro with 32 gb of RAM so it’s likely not a RAM issue. Did you confirm that you are using the latest version of V-Ray? I’ve also had crashes with Interactive Mode when I’m trying to do anything really complex like edit inside of a complex component. Small edits like a material change or adjusting Fur or light settings are usually fine with Interactive running but anything beyond that I play it safe and pause the interactive render.

What kind of edits are you doing to the material? Can you reproduce the crash and post here using either video or gif screen capture? Is is all materials all the time or only certain materials or certain models?

Are there any warnings in the Vray Progress Window?