Sketchup 2019 wont run on my nvidia geforce 920mx but only runs on my intel graphics

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I have sketchup pro 2019(trial)and enscape 2.5 on Windows 10. I have a nvidia 2gb 920mx and an intel hd 620. I tried running from the nvjdia control panel. sketchup with my nvidia graphics so I could run enscape. But sketchup won’t run, I brings up bugs plats and would never start. But when I run it with my intel graphics, it runs smoothly but then I can’t use enscape. Also enscape is not recognising my nvidia graphics.Pls help me. Thanks in advance

Update your Nvidia driver, from the Nvidia website if your laptop vendor hasn’t kept its version up to date.
Why version 2019 when the current version is 2021? Does Enscape run on v.2019? Does it run if you don’t install Enscape?

Before I updated my nvidia driver, sketchup worked slowly with my 920mx but after I updated it, it never worked again except I use my intel graphics. It only shkw bug splat errors.
Enscape runs on sketchup 2019 but it still shows gpu error.

If it worked slowly on a simple model then there are issues. Perhaps untick or tick fast feedback in the opengl settings.
If it worked slowly on a large model then you need to look at your workflow, you may be expecting too much.

Ever since i updated the nvidia driver to the latest build, sketchul doesn’t even run on ny computer again except i run it with the intel graphics

I can only say that I have been running SketchUp on two entry-level Nvidia mobile graphics “solutions”, 620M and MX250 without problems, using drivers from the Nvidia website. Even an antediluvian QuadroFX 1800 keeps working.
Are your Nvidia control panel settings for Sketchup set to their recommended settings? Especially, Antialiasing and Anisotopic filtering should be set to “Application controlled” and OpenGL running GPU should be set to your Nvidia card.

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I’ll check that. Do you make videos using enscape with your version of nvidia video memory.

I think your issue requires you to get the nvidia working properly before you worry about Enscape.

Thanks .What version of enscape do you use

I currently don’t use Enscape, they gave me a full license but I don’t have a computer with a graphic card that Enscape supports.

What version of enscape do you use. Does you nvidia graphics support video rendering in enscape

I don’t use Enscape with SketchUp. I have used it at work with Archicad.

The issue you keep coming back to is you need the Nvidia to work with Sketchup. If you don’t resolve those issues Enscape of any version will probably fail.