Sketchup 2019 Photo Match

Hi, I would like to know where is in Sketchup pro 2019 the “Foreground Photo” and "the “Background Photo” in the Match Photo Dialog Box. It doen´t appear as in prior versions. See please image attached.

Someone will be able to give me a hand? Thanks in advance.
Thank You


It hasn’t moved. You may need to grab drag the top of the tab below the styles tab down to resize the styles tab.

Thank you very much for the information!
However, after trying several times I can not find a way to expand that part of the window (Se please image attached).
What will be wrong in my procedure?
Does it have to do with some setting not activated?
Thank you.

This should help.

Thank you very much.
I´ve seen from the image you have sent that you are in “edit” tab and in “modelling” mode.
In this way it appears the Foreground and Background Photo options.

Is there a systematic help guide to study, for example, all the variables in these dialog boxes, like “Photo Match”, Styles, etc.?
Thanks in advance.

This might help Campus Learning Center , Video tutorials by SU.