SketchUp 2019 Layer list sort order

Layering names categorizing doesn’t makes sense.
I had to upgrade from 2018 to 2019 and names don’t ascend in the same order. They don’t even ascend correctly. I have many layers and I try to organize them by name. In 2019 names don’t ascend correctly.

How do you want them to “ascend”? Maybe you could show us what you are seeing and describe what it is you actually want. If you sort by the layer name they go in alpha-numeric order or reverse alpha-numeric order.

If you click the “Name” column heading, the list will sort by that column and add an order arrow.
If you wish the reverse order, click the heading again.

I think the default order is order of creation. (It’d be nice to set in Preferences what we’d like the default to be.)

Actually that last used sort column and order is saved in the shared preferences JSON file.
So set it the way you like and in the JSON file, will be a preference object that looks like this …

        "LayerListCtrl": {
            "NoPromptHideCurLayer": false,
            "SortAsc": true,
            "SortCol": 1

Save and reopen SketchUp for the setting to be saved to the JSON file.

I’ve spent a little time recently trying to work with sort order, and got an ASCI table as a reference for this. One exception on the Layer Palette is that “Layer0”, is at the top, with the understanding that it’s actually “nothing” or “null” for a name, but why is it when you use the Entity Info palette to put something on a layer, the popup menu for that has a different sort order. On that menu, Layer0 is somewhere down among the L’s, and other things sort differently. Could it at least be consistent with sort by name on the Layer palette, or whatever sort order it’s set for it?


Thanks for feedback.
I would like to keep order the same way it was in 2018 version.

In SKP 2019 version - Order on toolbar layer is correct (the same as 2018)
In SKP 2019 - Order on the layer tray is wrong (it should be the same as toolbar layer, something is screwed up here)

Interesting. Can you show a screen shot of what you are seeing for comparison? I get the same layer order in both.

This is in 2019 from an old model. I just opened the model and added the Layers toolbar to have a look. Never touched the Layers panel.

I guess I have no use for the Layers toolbar anyway. I don’t know why most users would even need it.

For example layers starting with 000000_
have a different order in toolbar layer and tray layer.

Thank you. That’s helpful.