Sort order bug/feature



Layers in layers panel sorted alphabetically displays name starting with underscore last.
Layers in Entity Info panel dropdown displays layers starting with underscore first (except Layer0).
Is it possible to make them the same?


Within the Layer Panel… have you clicked on the sort up/down arrow icon on the r/h side of the name field?

The Layers panel always places ‘Layer 0’ at the top, where as Entity Info alphabetizes the entire list.


Layers panel: Layer0, a layer, b layer, _layer
Entity Info panel: Layer0, _layer, a layer, b layer


I see what you describe. There is no way to make the layers selection dropdown in Entity Info sort in the same order as the list in the Layers window, regardless of the order you select in the Layers window. At best this is an annoyance, at worst it is a bug!