Can layers be kept sorted?


I’m very impressed with the Sketchup Web App (Sketchup Shop), it’s brilliant! :slight_smile:

How can I keep the layers sorted? They seem to re-order themselves so what looks like creation order every time I change something of open/close the layers view.


Adopt a naming schema that sorts text logically.

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Thanks George, that’s what I’ve already done. But the list doesn’t stay sorted. I always have to press the sort button you mentioned, but that doesn’t keep them sorted.

It’s not clear what you’re actually naming the layers.
Perhaps you could post a screenshot of the Layer manager.

NB: You need to pad numerical names with zeros as in my screenshot or they will not sort logically.


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Ah, now I see.
It’s the hyphen surrounded by spaces that breaks the sort order.

Try using an underscore (no spaces) like this…

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ve renamed them but they still don’t stay sorted. I think this is a bug.

The models in my screenshots were made on a Windows 10 machine running the Chrome browser.
I see you’re using a Chromebook
I saved the models.
Let me see if they behave differently on my Chromebook.

I see nothing in the pages’ HTML/Javascript code to keep the list sorted. It looks like the sorting’s all done in a ‘LayerPickerView’ object, which would be common on all browsers I’d guess.

I find the layers aren’t sorted when the file is first opened.
But hitting the Sort button puts the right.
That behavior was identical on PC and Chromebook

I still reverts back to unsorted after it’s been sorted, that’s the crux of the issue,

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