Sketchup 2019 Feature Requests


I’m talking about spherical backgrounds.

Your suggestion of a watermark doesn’t work because when the model/camera is rotated, the watermark doesn’t change so it’s not realistic at all.



  • Better hole/circle/arc Center point snapping
  • Industy standard location dimensioning for circles
  • Tape measure/protractor guides like in SketchUp. (I currently do this by drawing the guides in the SU document then in LO switching the viewport to raster to kinda see the guides. I then draw the hidden/location dimensioning lines and switch back to vector)
  • Sheet Center and printer margin snapping lines
  • clean up and unclutter floating tool windows
  • speed and stability enhancements for large documents. Even dragging the ui around the desktop is laggy…


  • Scene grouping, and or nesting like folders in Finder can be nested.
  • arcs and circles that either have user definable default edge counts or actual smooth curves
  • split/join (cough cough weld) FROM LAYOUT. We should not have to go get an extension for this
  • a reasonable auto save system. Everyone knows exactly what I’m talking about
  • an iteration or version control system that can be enabled by the user.
  • a visual undo/redo system maybe? Like a window with visual previews of what specifically your in or redoing (sometimes I find myself like 20 or 30 steps that I need to backtrack)
  • speed and performance with high complexity models, maybe multi threading or gpu work. I don’t know that much about the inner workings of the program.
  • better precision. I do work in the hundredths and thou range and SketchUp does a good job but any dimensions or angles are displayed in the bottom right (and snapping behavior) as “~1/64” or “~0degrees”
  • a better way to locate the Center point of a 2 point arc
    Some way to force tape measure to draw line guide rather than a point. I never use points and they are very annoying and hard to find
  • multiple active section cuts WITHIN THE SAME CONTEXT PLEASE PLEASE LLEASE
  • mirror group about center of group using a modifier key, also maybe keystroke to mirror about a chosen axis
  • a way to move a hole across the object it is extruded through
  • maybe put a hidable small crosshair at the center point of circles and arcs to have a better place to snap to or grab or reference
  • a REAL fix for edge bleeding and z fighting
  • when using move and rotate tools use like command + arrow keys to rotate selected geometry 90 degrees about an axis

I Love SketchUp and have used it since 7 and will continue to use it for years. Keep up the good work!


Please include the ability to invert the ‘Mouse Wheel Style’ as a preference in Mac Layout (as it is offered in SU). Having one without the other is a recipe for frustration. This has been an ongoing topic now for so many years. I hope that with the next release it will finally be resolved. Thank you.


I would add, being able to achieve a bit of shadow gradation. I’m by no means a developer/coder but I have a feeling this one might difficult…Mick


There are some fantastic posts in this topic…obviously many have been carefully considered.

I hope the developers of SketchUp Pro are seriously reading these and working on making them a reality.



Allowing users to uninstall extensions shipped with SketchUp would be appreciated!

I never use Dynamic Components myself due to how many bugs it has. It’s also confusing that these extensions are installed back when deleted and is this treated differently from any other extension.

Being nagged by a message telling you to update something you don’t even want is especially annoying.


I leave DC installed - all I ever do with it is create a bit of ruby code that allows cabinet doors and drawers to open / close - otherwise I ignore it.

I just disable Trimble Connect extension and then it never bothers me.


-It would be nice to be able to change the color/opaqueness of the section planes. If there are quite a few planes it makes it hard to see the model.
-Be able to add a Layer but have it be off in all the scenes. I sometimes want to add a layer but i don’t want to have to go through and turn that layer off in every scene I have created.


Good Evening

This may or may not have been suggested before, but would it be a good idea to have Guide Circles as well as Guide Lines?

I’m thinking of the situation when laying out walls which may not be perpendicular to each other, and the way of using circles to represent two distances, and where they cross is the corner.

I know that this can be done using normal circles, but sometimes the fact that circles are constructed from individual faces may mean the circles do not intersect at the correct point. Could Guide Circles, (or even Guide Arcs), be true Circles, as they are only guides.

Just a thought.



Hi SU Team,

Would like to see:

  1. SU Scene locking similar to LO Layer locking.
  2. Another vote for improved Scene Tabs, how about the option of a second row or two?
  3. Another vote for nested Layer management/organization
  4. Automatic LO updating of linked reference files, in addition to manual
  5. Another vote for native new Layer On “or” new Layer Off when creating layers as reflected in Scenes (I feel this one is too important to leave to an Extension)
  6. Ability to save different LO Print settings, I almost always use the same setting, however it is different from the default when the dialog box opens (would save me 2 clicks and 1 select, many many times a day)

Thanks for your continuing good efforts.


Hi SU Team:

<Correction Item 6>
Ability to save different LO “PDF Export Options”


I like the idea of editing the edge’s Style in a window similar to the Materials Window, but maybe if we want to export these lines by layers to Autocad, it could be added as a popup window in the layer window.
Layer Window

It could look like the color plat on the Mac version.

if we click on this plat, a popup window for the layer Style could be display, then we could edit the face style, maybe we could a PAT file for it which could allow as to export floor tiles as a hatch pattern in Autocad.

Also we could edit the Line style from this window and add .line file to it.
And maybe to make to these lines to adapt with any scale in Layout, the spaces between dashes for these line could work by points or by Model unit.


I think AutoCad layers and SketchUp layers should be disconnected. AutoCad layers should import as separate groups, i.e. contaiers of geometry. Then the AutoCad layer color and could be applied to the group as a whole. Creating a global visibility tag, aka SketchUp layer, for each AC layer on import could be optional.


I was struggling with this and found a solution that may work for you. If you go to the shadow pallet and set it so that

  • Shadows are off
  • Light is 0
  • Dark is 100
  • Use sun for shading is on

And save a scene with those settings then the colours will appear consistent regardless of plane and viewing angle - with these settings you can’t use shadows.

If you adjust to the following you can use shadows (with a tiny bit of variation in colours - hardly noticeable)

  • Shadows are off
  • Light is 10
  • Dark is 90
  • Use sun for shading is on


@JDahl94 This is a good list!! Lots of things that I’d like to see…


@eneroth3 I started out using SU on a mac and when I saw a colleague using it on a PC I realised why I was struggling with the materials - they are SOOO much easier on a PC. Finding them, editing them, organising them just seems much harder work on a Mac. I switched to PC a while ago for various reasons but am glad that I don’t have to struggle with that element of SU now.


SketchUp adds another 20 as a “base” lightness to stop dark areas from getting pitch black. If you set light to 0 and dark to 80 they all add up to 100, preserving the colors exactly as defined by the material.


Aaaah - I was tweaking around with settings but didn’t know about the 20 base lightness. I don’t usually use this setting with shadows but that’s great to know - another mystery solved!


Hi SU Team,

  1. SU) Another vote for: when exploding groups or components, resulting loose geometry lands on Layer0 by default.

  2. LO) my work creates both complex and simple models/layout presentations. The most complex layout presentations, in one file, might include 10 pages connected to 3 or 4 SU models of 30mb each. When updating references, I have two requests: (1) that we not be required to click on each page to refresh the reference, (2) that a Progess Meter be added to the process.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.


Hi Lindsey,
Regarding number 2

You can bulk refresh the reference by going to File > Document Setup > References, selecting the reference files and clicking update. This will refresh all pages with view ports connected to the SKP models.

It is a little annoying to click through the file menu to do it, but you can add a custom button to the tool bar to speed things up a bit.