Sketchup 2019 crash when opening

Ciao a tutti!
Da ieri non riesco a usare Sketchup.
Stavo impostando l’illuminazione su Vray quando si è chiuso. Ho provato a riaprire e niente. Non si apre piu… Bugsplat tutte le volte.
L’ho disistallato e rinstallato e nulla.
Qualcuno mi puo aiutare?

have you tried :

  • uninstalling Vray ?
  • updating your nvidia drivers ?

Nope, i’ll try it right now!

Did it but problem is still there…

That crash report says there was a bus error, which means an attempt to access a non-existent address in the system. That’s a pretty serious error and usually involves hardware (either a hardware failure or a code error that tries to access hardware that isn’t present).

From the limited amount in your screenshot it isn’t clear what the offender was, but I’d try completely uninstalling V-Ray and see if the problem happens when V-Ray is not there.

Oh my gosh… :astonished:

I tried it, I completely uninstalled VRay and Sketchup as well… Installed just Sketchup and nothing… problem is there…
I’m an architect, not good with computers at all… I’m trying to understand something about that error… looks really serious… thanks for you help

On a second look, I see that the crash occurs in a library that is trying to process a Font (last two lines of your screenshot). I wonder if the file that was open at the moment of the first crash has a problem with some Font it tells SketchUp to use? When you restart SketchUp after a crash, it attempts to reopen the file from the time of the crash. If that file is defective, that can get you stuck unable to open SketchUp.

I think there is a way on Mac to tell SketchUp not to do this, but I don’t remember it. Perhaps someone else does (@colin?).

If you can recall what file you were working on at the time of the crash, another thing you could try is to move that file to trash so that SketchUp can’t find it when opening. If the file was autosaved, the copy will be in

~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2019/SketchUp/Autosave

You can get there by copy/paste that path into Finder->Go->Go To Folder. If there is nothing in the Autosave folder, look for the file wherever you keep your SketchUp models.

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I’ll try it and let you know if it works!
Thank you!

SketchUp seems to use the standard way to not open files. Hold down Shift as soon as you have open SketchUp, and you should end up with a new document or the welcome screen.

The welcome screen is its own problem, if any recent file have issues, making the thumbnails for those could lead to problems. To prevent the welcome screen from appearing, edit PrivatePreferenes.json in this folder:

~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2019/SketchUp/

Add this to near the end of the file:

“WelcomeDialog”: {
“ShowOnStartup”: false

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So sorry about my question, but I really don’t understand about computers…
Where i should add this:
“WelcomeDialog”: {
“ShowOnStartup”: false

thanks again

didn’t work… I think I’ll cry
thanks for your help,
I really appreciate it

Make sure SketchUp is closed, and go into this folder:

~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2019/SketchUp/

Rename the file PrivatePreferences.json to anything else, then unzip this file, and put it into that folder: (978 Bytes)

Open SketchUp and see if it works.