SketchUp 2018 Wish List


I think this would put an end to the FR. This community still has the old spirit! Thank you John!


@john_drivenupthewall It may well be but I can’t see what you’ve actually done. How did you create that icon? If I had an icon or shortcut key for Copy, that’s all I’m after and I’d shut up!


Open the toolbar called Standard, it has cut, copy and paste icons.


@simoncbevans wants a button for move+copy without having to use modifier key. @john_drivenupthewall developed this plugin that allows that. Simon, just PM john as your search might be over


@JQL Cheers, I’ll certainly try that.


There is a lot of discussion here about making Sketchup more like AutoCAD, but I’d like them to keep Sketchup as a simple surface modeling application and not adding too much complexity.
Having said that, the one thing I’d like to see in the 2018 version would be per-vertex colouring, that would make my models look amazing, but I doubt they will do it because it seems most people are using Sketchup for architectural modeling.
If they fixed the OpenGL shaders so that the textured and coloured faces looked the same (when the texture has the same RGB colour as the plain colour face), that would help, as I could then apply my own gradients using textures.


I sincerely wish that UTC settings will be saved in the scenes, so that we can both view summer- and wintertime in LayOut “securely” by using scenes.

It seems very unintuitive that all settings in the Shadow-box, don’t follow along when you update a scene with the Shadow checked in the scene settings.

I otherwise suspect mishaps with calculating back and forth with UTC+1 and +2 in LayOut as a temporary workaround, will cause incorrect sun/shadow-analysis in the future.

Others have mentioned this at SketchUcation before as well:

Otherwise I’m very happy with SU/LO and use it full time working with architecture. Thank you!



I just wrote a quick bit of Ruby to create a button and menu item for ‘Move Copy’ i.e. keypress ‘m’, keypress ‘Alt’ from a single shortcut…

it’s not ‘Copy’, like they have on the Windoze Toolbar or what you get with ‘Cmnd C’…

an alternative to what i show would be a single item for ‘copy>>paste in place’, but you would then need to select Move, Scale or Rotate before proceeding…

I could make it into a plugin [ for mac ], but it only eliminates a single keystroke when first used, i.e. you need to click it ever time the same as you need to click Alt…

So, do you mean you would like ‘Move Copy’ as a single shortcut as shown in my gif?

I can see why @Box is confused by your use of the word ‘Copy’…



@john_drivenupthewall You have it in a nutshell. The Copy command we use in CAD is different from copying to the clipboard. And yes, I am looking for a single key press for that (or icon). Most commands can easily be turned into a keyboard shortcut but this can’t because of the modifier key (I think), so there is no straightforward way to get what I would like.

I am beginning to feel like I am making too much of this…!


I’d love to have:

  • Line styles in SU, as @eneroth3 suggested (This is the most important for me, rather essential for architectural work)
  • Section fills when cutting solid components, by component material or single color set in styles (although there are plugins for this, i think it should be a basic feature)
  • Components cutting components, for example a window on a wall. In the entity settings you could have a tick box “cuts components”
  • Grouping of Layers and Scenes, in a similar way as in Photoshop
  • Option for not showing profiles for components, would be really useful for presentation purposes
    (- Scale settings for scenes, so you could see the actual line widths etc without going to LO)
    (- Possibility to export multiple PDFs/DWGs straight from SU)


Running dimensions in Sketchup Make is my request. Laying out home projects requiring spacing of dimensional lumber is so much easier with running (chained) measurements.


Please check your terms of service / licence agreement with regard to Make version usage. What you are describing constitutes commercial usage, I believe.


These are just my own personal home projects, no commercial use at all so don’t see any problem. Lots of DIYs out there that would benefit from adding this feature when laying out there projects. When searching for info on the feature many queries came up from individuals looking for the feature, I suspect most are simply personal non commercial users.


I would like to have a roof pitch dimension symbol in Sketchup that could be added to drawings to show the roof pitch. I have found several extension which sort of do that but they don’t work in Sketchup 2017.



Please improve the spatial resolution and terrain data for the geo-location. Large amounts of data are missing, and all the data is too low resolution to accurately model from.

Also, please add the sensor name, date, and time of the image capture, so that we can extrapolate height of buildings with shadows.

(Or go back to Google API)


I helped develop Steve Baumgartner’s (@slbaumgartner) Angular Dimension 2 plugin which puts the angle into a group with dimension lines. If a Pitch dimension would be something like ‘1:4’ instead of an angle in degrees, it would not be difficult to adapt Angular Dimension 2 to show the angle as a pitch.

PM me with a few examples and I’ll see what might be involved in adapting the plugin.


John McClenahan,

You have hit the nail on the head. I would like to have the angle of the roof displayed as a ratio, (1:12). Since I am an Imperial units user, feet and inches, et., I would like that ratio expressed in units:12, i.e. ¼:12, 1:12, 4:12, etc. It would be nice to also have available Metric display, i.e. 10ths, 1:10, 2:10 (I think, I am not a metric user in the normal course of my day).

Hope this helps.

I assume that I can search for, “Angular Dimension 2” in the Extension Warehouse to find your angle display extension?

Thank you for your response.

James “Jim” Hannah


This would be feasible, but in keeping with KISS, I wonder if it would be more appropriate as a separate extension?


No, it isn’t in that, but in SketchUcation Plugin Store (


Could you perhaps give us an idea of what any of your current ‘slope’ dimension examples look like, in either 2D or 3D,and how you might WANT them to look, in 3D?

A couple of possibilities are these, for a simple easily visible angle, based on a minor tweak of the geometry of Angular Dimension 2:.

But how would you want to deal with a slope dimension placed (for example) in the middle of a roof face? Something like this?

I’ve done a bit more googling on how they are represented. I understand in 2D drafting, the common (US anyway) ratio is to a base of 12, as you suggested. and drawn a little off the face or rafter with a triangle of fixed shape (15°) and a number and tolerance beside it.

That would be very different from the basis of Angular Dimension 2, and hard to implement in SU. You could maybe use Steve’s (@slbaumgartner) original Angular Dimension plugin, which shows the angle in degrees in a SU Leader Text box, and overtype the angle with a calculated slope.

Can you have fractions? You suggest ¼:12. Wouldn’t that be better as 1:48? Or is that not the convention?

How would you want to show a slope for an angle that hasn’t got integer rise and run? You probably know (as I half remembered, and then checked) that you can input an angle AS a slope - 1:6, 5:12 for example - to the Protractor or Rotate tools when you create a roof slope, and that could be shown as an exact ratio, either to base :12, or simplified from (for example) 6:12 to 1:2. If only approximately a ratio with integer values, the slope dimension could be preceded by a tilde (~) character, as SU does for approximate values.

What other types of users want to show a slope value instead of an angle? Civil engineers? They would probably need a much larger base ‘run’ than just 12.

Do they only dimension a slope relative to the horizontal, or can/should the adapted plugin allow for any reference plane or baseline?

Maybe this ought to be spun off to a new thread… Not sure how to do that though, myself. I thought there was an option to ‘Reply in a new thread’ but if so, I can’t find it, or don’t have the privilege to do it.