SketchUp 2018 Wish List


@slbaumgartner I take your point, BUT…

You normally find that you want to move something a specific distance, and you might want to Move/Copy. Can you do that with your method?


I can’t work out what your issue is with the move tool being the copy tool.
It takes one key and a mouse click… what can be simpler than that?


@Box it looks like you are moving the blocks randomly. I agree that that is easy to do using Cmd-C. But it’s also something a draftsman almost never does in practice. Now try moving a block a specific distance. And once you have done that, make another 20 copies with the same spacing without repeating the exercise 20 times. Or try putting 6 copies in between the original block and the moved one, equally spaced. Those are the kinds of things you can do with the Move/Copy tool and AFAIK, you can’t with the Cmd-C option.


My gif is using move/copy!


So you’re using the Alt key each time?

I feel we are going round in circles! Or is it my British English??


ctrl actually in my case, but yes, how is that difficult or more troublesome than hitting c.


Two hits (M then Alt) instead of one. Sounds like nothing but for anything like this that gets done dozens of times over, it makes a difference.

Some of this may be a question of what you’re used to. Up until my last car, I used to think people with automatics were just lazy. Having now had one for some time, I wouldn’t go back!

Anyway, this is an old chestnut and I think I’m probably baying at the moon.


Sorry @Box but just to be really, really clear: if I want to move something I select it, hit M and do the business. When I want to copy something I want to select it, hit C, and create a copy. I want to avoid hitting a second key like Alt and I want to avoid a double key arrangement like Cmd-C.


Did you not notice in my gif that I didn’t preselect anything, so using the move tool and alt/ctrl requires less work than what you are suggesting.


@simoncbevans what you want is to have specific command for copy, independent of the move tool, that you can use and avoid having to use move+modifier key. It’s a fair request. It’s clear you understand everything about move, copy and copy to clipboard.



Having a separate tool that is the exact same as an existing tool but with a modifier key toggled adds complexity without improving anything. Also it would be inconsistent to Rotate Tool unless a separate Rotate Copy Tool is added. More tools means nosier toolbars that are harder to find in and more concepts for new users to get into. It just doesn’t make any sense. If the extra key stroke is that much extra work you could maybe get a keyboard with programmable keys and program one to simulate an M press followed by a Ctrl press.


You have to ‘select’ a tool at some point, even selecting the select tool requires you to hit the space bar.
So if you have the pencil active, to move or copy something tap m, then one left click on the appropriate part, tap alt/ctrl or not if you only want to move, one left click to place.

But you want, tap space to select select tool, one left click to select object, tap c, to make a copy then one left click to place .


By the way, comments like that can be taken many ways.
Many of them not well.


@JQL At last, someone who understands my plight. Yay!


@eneroth3 One of the SU developers on here recently wrote that they love to be able to give users the ability to make things work the way they want. I applaud that. What you are suggesting won’t work, I don’t think, exactly because a modifier key is involved. If only!


@Box Sorry if I offended. Not intended. I am just conscious that most people on this forum speak American English and British English is different (it really is, I mean an American might have a fit if a young girl asked a boy for a rubber…to rub something out!). One does have to be careful because we Brits use irony as a default setting. It is so pervasive over here that we recognise it immediately, but others don’t always, especially with the written word where there are no visual cues. I hope that’s not patronising but it is a well known cultural difference.

We might also be…well, a little less sensitive? Or maybe that’s just me. (Self deprecation, another British English trait!).


Getting back the wish list for a moment…

In Autocad, you can use the spacebar to re-invoke the last command. That would be a handy addition to SU IMHO.


LOL, yes, that’s probably true.

Sorry, I seem to have wound you up something rotten. Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.


En effet, mon vieux!


is this all you mean?

it’s a tool so you can set any shortcut you like?