Sketchup 2018 = Unexpectedly Quits!

When I close out of sketchup, I get an error report. Process: SketchUp [1574].pdf (208.6 KB)
Process: SketchUp [1574].pdf (208.6 KB)

are you using a renderer?

the crash seems to indicate a ruby error caused by a ‘MaterialProperties.bundle’…

did you get a bug splat as well?


This is probably a conflict with plugins, have you installed a new one, lately? Some combinations ‘bite’ each other.
Workaround is to disable those you don’t need in the extension manager for the task you are up to.

I have Podium and VRay on the system. I don’t get the Bugspat, but it refuses to quite most of the time and when it does quit, I get this error

you are asking for double trouble then…

both will try to update their hidden material list every time you modify anything…

I suspect one of those installs the ‘MaterialProperties.bundle’ and it’s updater is instigating your crash…

I would, at least, turn them both off, unless actually wanting to render in an open session…


Yes, I have two machines and rarely use both on the same. Getting same issues on both. Will remove both to see how they respond

I’m having the same problem when using Sketchup 2018 together with V-Ray. Sinds last week working on Sketchup 2017 because I’ve got to much work at the moment to try to solve the problem.

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