Sketchup 2018 HELP

Everything stared after I installed the licensed Twin Motion Educational version 2021.
It worked well few days and suddenly after I added charecters to my scene it stopped working. I stoped the program and resarted my laptop.
I opend Sketchup 2018 and to my surprise everything went wrong. My model was completly ruined, black lines and white pixels apprer to disort my models.
I opend Sketchup 2017 same there,Autocad the same.Games works just fine on my computer and also the web version of sketchup works well.
Can anyone help me figure it out how I can solve this issue?
I updated everything including my windows updates and drivers,nothing seems to work:
Please help.
I will try to attach an example of how everything looks.

This looks like it could be a graphics card driver issued. These are sometimes solved by downloading the driver directly from the manufacturer, don’t trust windows updates to get the correct one. Can you attach your .skp file so we can see what is going on.

I did update everything about the graphic card driver manually, so there should.t be any issues.
However it seems strange to me that it only affected my 3d costruction type apps. Could Twin motion mess up the rest of the apps?
I didn.t imported anything from sketchup to twinmotion so I don t see where the problem might come.

Upload your file, let’s see how it looks on another machine. Do you have two graphic cards, your profile is incomplete. Perhaps only the driver for the discrete card is broken. If SU web works then open your file in the web version and see how it looks. Unlikely the Twinmotion did this.

Another possibility is that the model extents are very large, or that the model lies an astronomical distance away from the model origin point.