Sketchup 2017 Pro Locking up

Solved? No.

A common, reoccurring theme that appears in the link below seems to be Win 10 (and its automatic updating) and integrated Intel graphics. There are quite a few variables encompassing computer configurations, computer manufacturers (and their custom tweaking of things like Intel graphic drivers to best work with the hardware), the vintage of the Intel graphics chip (is it still getting updated drivers from Intel and/or the computer manufacturer)…

Let’s first deal with your Intel graphics. You didn’t specify what you have in your profile. An easy way to check what SU sees is from inside SU. Go to the Windows menu > Preferences > OpenGL. Click on the Details button. What does it say? If you see a version number, besides other things, it gives you a phrase to search on this forum.

Check that the Intel graphics driver is the latest and greatest. Try the computer manufacturer and/or the Intel website. Which is best will depend on how your computer manufacturer set up your machine.

Now onto Win 10 updates, the above link goes through some of the specific updates that did not play nice with SU. But there are still a few things to check:

  1. Where all the updates successfully installed? Check the Windows Update log. If something failed to install successfully, try installing it directly from the Windows Update site.

  2. Go to the Windows Update site to see if there are any updates/patches that may be useful but did not get included in the automatic update cue (some things to look for include patches to .NET Framework and VC++ - and there may be some unrelated downloads you may like to have just for giggles.)