SketchUp 2017 Make claims a new update is available



SU has fooled me 4 times into downloading the same identical installation .exe as I already had installed!
When I start SketchUp I get a popup that claims a new version is available if i choose to download it the SketchUp window closes and my browser opens to the SketchUp download page but the SU Make 2017 for Windows that I find there is the same file as I have downloaded and installed 4 times already.


It could be a maintenance release. Are you sure the file is identical and not just have the same name? Otherwise there could be a problem with the download link pointing to the wrong version.


Same name, same file size, same build number …
How can I get the link to point correctly or is it thst SU relies on some cookie their app or website has placed on a users computer (I have blocked a lot of cookies…)


is the same version shown in the SketchUp >> About SketchUp menu?



No! (Ashamed) I had 17.1.174, the download is 17.2.2555.0. Thanks for
making me check that!


There wouldn’t have been this confusion if the build number was included in the installer name.


…And if the build number was exposed on the SU startup splash screen.
That way users could easily compare.


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