SketchUp 2017 export to DXF Plugin

Is there a plugin to export to DXF file format ??

Print to “save as PDF”
Import the PDF into Inkscape, then:
File->Save As DXF

Yes, there is. I think that you can find it at SketchUcation.

Couldn’t find one that worked.

There are a few at Sketchucation but none of them seem to have been updated since before SU2015 or they aren’t intended to do full-blown exports. What is it you are modeling and need from it as a .dxf file? Maybe there’s an alernative.

pCon Planner can act as a free file converter.

DaveR. It’s not my problem personally, someone asked if SU make can export DXF files for their laser cutter.
I know the pro version exports as DXF. I tried one plugin but it never worked.

SeanB thanks I will have a look at that program later.