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I am trying to figure out how to install a plugin to sketchup 2016. everything i try i get an error message. i can download the plugin from the web browser but when i open sketchup nothing is there. when i try to download the same plugin directly using sketchup, i get an error message. what do i need to do?

First you need to tell us what plugin you’re trying to install and where you’re getting from.

What is the error message?

Specifics will make it much easier to tell you how to fix it.

Im trying to get the Chris Fullmer shape bender plugin. Ive gone to the browser website and downloaded it there and tried to paste it into the plugin folder but nothing happened. Then when i go to the warehouse in sketchup itself to download it directly, i get an authentication error. It says, error while setting the setting the session value for: appinfo. Reference ID: 284aaa8e-1964-47d6-1598-982729d4d484. I also get the same error message when i try to sign into the warehouse on sketchup.

Download the RBZ file via your Browser, then open SU 2016, go to Window/Preferences/Extensions, then [Install Extension] and browse to the RBZ file you downloaded.

As for the error messages, it may help to clear the Internet Explorer cache (whether or not you normally use IE - Sketchup uses it). Search the forum for the error message, and I think you’ll find that’s one of the solutions offered for that problem. The other, if I remember correctly, is to sign out within SU (use bottom left hand sign in icon third from the left in the SU main window), then sign in again and try again.

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