Problems login to development center

Error while setting the setting the session value for : appInfo
Reference ID:

@jon - is this a known issue? Related to our recent outage?

@kbkrueger2 are you able to reproduce this error during login? I do not think this is related to the outages so having steps to reproduce would be great.



I am using 2015 make. Selecting the Ext. Warehouse and click on sign in
bar. I have an account and applied for and was accepted as developer
several yrs ago. I have one plugin that was in the automatic review process
but I no longer can access the site. I use my email address for
the account.


@kbkrueger2 thanks for the update. Are you using the Windows or Mac version of 2015? Also, are you able to sign into the Extension Warehouse outside of the SketchUp application? For 2015, the dialog was using the installed versions of Internet Explorer (Windows) and Safari (Mac) so it would be helpful to see if you can sign in via that browser. I would also try another browser like Google Chrome or Firefox to see if we can narrow down if it is an issue with the account or the browser.

Thanks again for your time


When I went to the warehouse outside of sketchup I found that there I was
already log in. So I log out and then I could login from inside sketchup.


Ok I have tried various combinations. If I log in from a browser ( ie of
chrome) when I am in sketchup it does not know I am loged in and I get the
error if I try to log in. Now another strange thing if I log in from chrome
and then go to the warehouse from ie it does not know I am logged in and
the reverse is true. So if I can’t login from sketchup I need to check the
warehouse from both ie and chrom. By the way I run sketchup from a windows
computer win7. Seems like the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand
is doing.

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